Ein Prostit Oktoberfest

Eat, drink, and be merry – the perfect way to describe my weekend in Munich for Oktoberfest!

Have you been? If not, you must. And if you have, then you’re probably like me and can’t wait to dawn your dirndl or lederhosen and go again!

Here are my tips for Oktoberfesting:

1. Get a dirndle or lederhosen


I promise you that you won’t feel out of place with one on…EVERYONE wears the traditional outfits. The few that don’t are the ones that look ridiculous. Buy yours in Munich to get a much better quality than the costume ones you get online (and support the locals whose tradition you’re taking part in). If you do a bit of searching around the main train station you can get an outfit for under £50.

2. Reserve a table or join someone elses


Some of the tents won’t serve you if you don’t have a table, so either reserve one now, wait in line (go early before 10 am especially on the weekend), or make friends with someone at a table. We did the latter. You won’t have a hard time making friends, everyone is so happy and social!


If you are going for more than one day (of course you are!) I would recommend exploring a few of the tents so you can see the different vibes and decor. These were my favourite, but I’m sure there are other great ones too:

1. Schottenhamel
2. Löwenbräu
3. Augustiner-Festhalle

3. Don’t forget the buddy system.


There are thousands upon thousands of people there and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. So buddy up to go to the toilets and make sure you have a meeting place if you should separate. On that note, make sure everyone knows where you’re staying and what train you take and stop you’re at (remember if you’re on an overground and underground train). It can get confusing especially if you can’t read or speak German.

4. Prepare yourself – it’s a lot of beer


Yes, it’s a beer fest so you should probably like beer, but they also have Radler which is beer mixed with lemonade (sprite). Beer isn’t my first choice when going out, but the beer was actually delicious and went down very smoothly…you’ll be surprised how many litres you can drink over 12 hours (I probably had at least 5 steins…yikes)!

5. Make friends, be social, sing the songs and dance on the tables.



And bring lip balm…if you’re up for it there’s a lot of kissing to be had 😘

Ein Prostit, Ein Prostit…