A little history repeating

Gathering the documents I need for my visa application has been like an episode of “Who are you?”

Yesterday, my father pulled out a wooden box I have never seen before. Inside were papers and documents from my Nana and Papa’s past. My Papa’s birth certificate from 1923 Scotland. Nana and Papa’s wedding certificate. My father’s Trinidadian birth certificate. Even my Nana’s UK passport stamped with her exotic travels and her immigration visa to Trinidad in 1952.



It dawned on me that it’s really not surprising that I have always yearned to travel and live in foreign lands – both sets of grandparents made the big move from their birth countries (Scotland & Denmark) to Canada. Their adventuous spirits are reflected in me.

I have almost all the documents I need now to apply for my visa! I just hope that it’s enough to be approved….


Wishing and hoping,


2 thoughts on “A little history repeating

  1. englishroseamericansoil says:

    Good luck for your visa journey!! My grandparents worked for a charity which meant they lived all over the world- Argentina, holland, Ireland. I often think it’s in my blood to live in different places too!! 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      It must be genetic! Your grandparents must have the most facinating stories from their travels. I now wish that I recorded my Nana’s stories. She had some great ones, but I feel like the details are getting fuzzy since I haven’t heard them in a while. If only they had blogs in her time 😉

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